The Facts


For detailed explanations regarding fermentation and health take a look at our resources page. But for some general facts and figures related to fermentation and the human biome read on.

In approximate numbers, each of us in composed of 10 trillion human cells, however we  each have around x 10 that number of microbes in or on our bodies, 100 trillion.

Humans have about 20,000 genes each, however our microbial community has up to 10 million genes on or inside us. So from a genetic point of view, you could argue that we are only 1% human.

The gastrointestinal tract has 500 million neurons, together they form the enteric nervous system (ENS) capable of a degree of independence from the brain and direct two way connection through the gut – brain axis.

Obese and thin twins typically have differences in their gut bacteria, adding more evidence that the microbiome might have a mediating role to play in thinness.

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