Gut health glossary

Gut health glossary, understanding the language of gut health.
Gut health glossary, understanding the language of gut health.

At the time of writing (May 2019), the microbiome is already emerging as an important new frontier in understanding and mediating health. From very tentative beginnings, a body of evidence has now been established, that strongly suggests a relationship between gut bacteria and a wide range of physical and mental health concerns. However, despite the implications of managing gut health, there is a lack of simple and easily understandable information and advice. The goals of the Gut Well Soon website include sharing important information in this general subject area. We have started to collate a simple Gut Health Glossary that highlights and explains some of the terms currently being used to explain the science in this field. If you have anything to add or improvements to suggest feel free to drop us a line or add your comments in theĀ  field below. Please refer to our disclaimer.


Dysbiosis – Is the term used to describe an imbalance in a microbiota population. An imbalance could be an abnormally low or high level in a particular type or family of microbes or their maladaptation.

Microbiome – The usual definition of the microbiome is the entire genetic collection of the microbes contained in a specific area. As such the human gut microbiome refers to the complete genetic profile of microbes in the human gut (see microbiota).

Microbiota – The entire population of microbes contained within a specific area, typically includes bacteria, viruses and yeast. So the human gut microbiota refers to the entire population of microbes present in the human gut (see microbiome).

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