Gut health and fermentation facts


Facts about fermentation provides regular updates explaining what fermentation is, its links to human microorganisms and what it means to your gut health and general wellbeing. Inevitability we will be providing some definitions and scientific data, however we’ll also be offering some fun stuff along the way.

Anyone who wants to understand fermentation and how it might effect human health needs to understand a little about the terms that are used to described the microorganisms living on and inside us. This short explanation gives an insight into some of the key terms.

Please consider that we are two home fermenters, Maggie just happens to come from a family where fermented foods are a completely natural part of the diet. We have gradually increased both our knowledge of fermentation processes and the respective health benefits. We share freely what we have learned because we are convinced of the significant benefits to physical and mental health. However all the information is provided for information purposes, please see the disclaimer. If you can improve on any of the content we have provided please get in touch. All comments are welcome. use the text box at the foot of every blog posting.

  • According to the Blueberry Council experiments on animals have demonstrated  an improved insulin response in blueberry-fed mice when compared to controls.
  • The gut microbiome contributes approximately 2kg to human body weight.
  • Gut microbiota has a profound impact on the human metabolism linked to metabolic syndrome (a range of health problems including central adiposity with visceral fat accumulation, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, dysglycemia and blood pressure problems.