What is gut well soon?

As the name suggests, gutwellsoon is a website dedicated to sharing information about how gut bacteria appears to have an mediating role in human health. In particular that fermented foods have an import role to play in maintaining the necessary diversity of  gut flora? We feature a range of material for information purposes. All visitors to the website are required to view and accept the terms and conditions before accessing the blog.

We (the publishers) have all recently started to change our diets, in an attempt to increase the diversity of our own gut bacteria. Whilst we do feature some personal accounts, the blog’s primary goal is to share scientific knowledge and highlight media reports. We make no claims about the information we link to on these pages, other than it seems to be worth sharing. We do not offer advice for specific health condition, although we encourage visitors to share their experiences via the comment boxes. The publishers cannot take responsibility for third party comments.