Fermented foods; improved health and wellbeing

Fermented food is linked to significantly improved physical and mental health


Welcome to Gut Well Soon, a website committed to sharing knowledge about how fermented foods are able to dramatically improve health and wellbeing. For decades scientific research has supported the view that there is a strong correlation between the state of your gut bacteria and your physical and mental health. If this seems far fetched I encourage you to look into the scientific research in this area.

An essential component of a healthy gut is the balance and blend of living microorganisms in the digestive system. Fermented foods can have valuable levels of beneficial living microorganisms that meditate a range of beneficial processes.

Since the late 20th century, a number of factors have been linked with a decline in healthy gut bacteria, not least the use of powerful pharmaceutical products. Whilst drugs can kill significant amounts of harmful bacteria they may also reduce helpful, health promoting bacteria. Some fermented foodstuffs contain large numbers of these healthy microorganisms and have been directly related to a number of benefits.

Many traditional fermented foods are widely available and include pickled vegetables as well as yogurt based products. Humans have been eating fermented food for thousands of years. You may have many inexpensive fermented products in your own food cupboards right now. We are creating an extensive directory as well as some great recipes and instruction sheets.  If you are interested in fermented foods, two ideas that you should start with are:

  • foods labelled pasteurized are unlikely to contain healthy living bacteria
  • following simple instructions you can safely make delicious fermented foods in your own home

This is a growing movement so please share your thoughts and ideas. Use the comments boxes to tell us about any experiences good or bad feel. We welcome information about relevant products and services in the market.

Author: eatscientifically

As a researcher working with the contemplative sciences, it became evident to me that food plays an important role in the life of most regular meditators. From this realisation, it was only a small step to identify correlations between diet and certain cognitive characteristics linked to meditation and mindfulness. Over the last decade, science has been increasingly supporting the view that our diet meditates our gut bacteria, which in turn directly correlates with our physical and mental health. Central to this understanding is the appreciation that some simple and inexpensive fermented foods and drinks make a positive contribution to gut health. Science now supports the proposition that improving your gut health is likely to increase your resilience to a number of illnesses including some forms of cancer, heart disease, depression and anxiety.

10 thoughts on “Fermented foods; improved health and wellbeing”

  1. I tell people all the time that the pickles and sauerkraut in the fridge at the store are the good ones lol. Appreciate the info on your blog and will be reading your future posts.
    What fermented foods are you making or eating now?

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    1. Hi Joshua, my partner is Polish so home made sauerkraut is almost a staple. Am a big fan of kimchi. I also consume a broad range of natural probiotics and dietary fibre. I always presumed pasteurized fermented products were safest, I generally avoid them now.

      This is still early days for me but I’ve found a lot of neat evidence. In particular traditional fermented process appear to offer great health benefits. Obviously antibiotics have a role in health but I’m really keen to avoid them, and the foods which contain them.

      Any thoughts?


      1. Fairly early days here to. I’ve been making sauerkraut for a couple years in small batches and just made my first 5 liter batch in a crock. We do milk kefir (we have raw milk available) kombucha, and I’ve been playing around with a ginger bug but haven’t got that figured out yet. Luckily we haven’t had to give our kids antibiotics yet and they seem to be pulling ahead of the pack in terms of health. I haven’t tried making kimchi yet but I will as I’ve heard it’s excellent. I make these things because it’s expensive to buy them all and hardly costs anything to make. Especially sauerkraut. Funny how we’ve been convinced pasteurized is the safest when unpasteurized and fermented was one of the main ways people preserved foods not to long ago.

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      2. My children are all grown up but we gave them antibiotics as directed (by the Doctor) back in the day. With hindsight, most were not actually necessary. Can highly recommend fermented ginger, particularly in a smoothie. Seems to help travel/sea sickness (no science just my own experience).


  2. I don’t think people realise just how easy it is to ferment, just get a jar, a little bit of hard work, one cabbage and you have enough fermented cabbage for a two weeks. It tastes great and has huge health benefits…..


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